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Corrugations are the most likely obstacle you will encounter when travelling. They vary greatly but can make for a very uncomfortable ride if your not educated on the correct driving technique.

There are 2 issues to help make a more pleasant journey. First suspension is the major factor, a quality suspension system will allow you to sit on a speed generally about 60-65 k/ph to float across the tops of the corragations.

Secondly Tyres, a good quality tyre on a medium to large 4x4 (Prado to Patrol) loaded you can deflate tyre to 25-PSI this allows more flex which smoothes the ride and reduces the risk of punctures as the tyre will flex (mould around) the obstacle.


As you are, we are certainly passionate about travelling this fantastic land of ours. This is some of our trips and travels, including the competitions that Umhauers and staff enjoy while away.

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